NP Digital



A truly multinational and multicultural organisation, the client operates approximately 50 brands and hundreds of products across Africa. This means numerous brand managers, technology platforms and agencies across different FMCG categories working on different aspects of the group’s online presence.

Unilever needed an Enterprise SEO solution that could bring together all aspects of a complex setup and provide collaboration across agencies to deliver a ‘dashboard’ view without losing any of the required granularity.

The Solution

Through the deployment of our SEO solution, NP Digital was able to create a unified strategy including monitoring and evaluation functionality across the group. This provided Unilever with a global dashboard of the overall digital health and SEO visibility of the brands, as well as a more detailed view of their keyword rankings and organic traffic as well as the conversions they are generating by brand, brand category and group.

NP Digital’s dedicated team (Content, Technical, Analysis, Insights and Reporting) delivered a per-brand strategy to ensure that optimisation was customised to each brand’s different needs and specific ROI and reporting requirements.

The Result

3 years later, NP Digital continues to be retained by the client, and brand visibility and exposure has increased on both a local and regional level. In the standardisation of processes across brands, we have provided Unilever with a clearer picture of what is happening in real time. We have succeeded in continually improving keyword rankings across the brands and have increased overall organic traffic by more than 100% year on year.

As a result of the close collaboration with each brand team, additional, and diverse, projects ranging from website redesigns to content amplification and social media campaigns have been successfully added to our SLA as we continue to grow our partnership with one of the worlds largest FMCG companies.