Case Studies

NP Digital was contracted by Havas to address the SEO requirements of South African Airways. The airline industry globally continues to be hampered by slim margins. Despite being their largest client, booking aggregators typically charge a high commission in this highly contended online vertical, thereby reducing the margins even further.

As one of the biggest local e-commerce websites, SAA had to try and increase direct bookings on The website was built on legacy technology, lacked keyword-rich content and the URL structure was not easy to work with.

To focus on how travelers search within Google and which keywords resulted in most conversions. The answer appeared to lie in routes and destinations e.g. ‘flights to Johannesburg ’

An extensive website audit was conducted which inter alia interrogated the user journey. Utilising proprietary software and other contracted solutions, the comprehensive strategy among other things, addressed the technical health and link structure, which were re-aligned to better position destinations to both users and search engines. Keyword-rich content was optimised or re-purposed and original content was also developed for the destinations section.

Over-indexation was reduced from 1.8m to a more manageable 120k and meta data, page titles and other onsite content were optimised.

Despite SAA’s hugely negative media exposure which affected consumer confidence; the rand being at an all time low and a new, hyper-low-cost carrier (Safair) entering the market, organic traffic increased by 15% to ensure well over 2m additional organic visitors from Nov 2015 – Oct 2016.

Keywords showed an  80% improvement in rankings to an average position of  3.32 (from 16.24 in 2015) – which delivered organic traffic of, on average, 1.9m monthly.

MiWay is a direct short-term insurer and financial services company. In a highly competitive market dominated by players such as Outsurance – who’s marketing spend far outweighs that of MiWay- it was imperative for MiWay to improve their organic rankings and increase traffic to their website.

The insurance vertical is the most competitive vertical on Google. In paid campaigns, cost-per-click bids can reach as much as R1000 at the height of the auction. MiWay also suffered a partial penalty (by Google) resulting in sections of their website being ‘relegated’ to the 3rd page of SERPs and beyond.

NP Digital had to find a cost effective and highly targeted solution to deliver growth. The strategy was focused on the application of robust SEO fundamentals and on rebuilding the client’s reputation with Google to ensure that the penalty was lifted. The following areas were addressed:

  1. A comprehensive disavow file* was submitted for re-indexing
  2. A detailed content strategy was developed that included relevant content pillars and derivative assets
  3. Content was distributed to authoritative content sharing sites as well as local media sites
  4. The visibility of MiWay content was increased by a strategic, and effective, influencer campaign
  5. All meta data and other technical SEO requirements were aligned
  6. Page titles and onsite content were regularly updated

Keyword rankings for their core keyword set improved by 66% from an average position of 27, 27 in 2015 to 9,20 in 2016.

Traffic increased by 41% YoY by some 100 000 organic visitors.

A truly multinational and multicultural organisation, the client operates approximately 50 brands and hundreds of products across Africa. This means numerous brand managers, technology platforms and agencies across different FMCG categories working on different aspects of the group’s online presence.

Unilever needed an Enterprise SEO solution that could bring together all aspects of a complex setup and provide collaboration across agencies to deliver a ‘dashboard’ view without losing any of the required granularity.

Through the deployment of our SEO solution, NP Digital was able to create a unified strategy including monitoring and evaluation functionality across the group. This provided Unilever with a global dashboard of the overall digital health and SEO visibility of the brands, as well as a more detailed view of their keyword rankings and organic traffic as well as the conversions they are generating by brand, brand category and group.

NP Digital’s dedicated team (Content, Technical, Analysis, Insights and Reporting) delivered a per-brand strategy to ensure that optimisation was customised to each brand’s different needs and specific ROI and reporting requirements.

3 years later, NP Digital continues to be retained by the client, and brand visibility and exposure has increased on both a local and regional level. In the standardisation of processes across brands, we have provided Unilever with a clearer picture of what is happening in real time. We have succeeded in continually improving keyword rankings across the brands and have increased overall organic traffic by more than 100% year on year.

As a result of the close collaboration with each brand team, additional, and diverse, projects ranging from website redesigns to content amplification and social media campaigns have been successfully added to our SLA as we continue to grow our partnership with one of the worlds largest FMCG companies.

As a relatively new player in a highly competitive micro-lending industry, the client was struggling to gain momentum in the online space. The challenge was to build the brand’s presence in search engines, push it up to top pages on Google (Organic and Paid) and drive quality traffic and conversions.

Without any significant monitoring mechanisms in place, clicks were not being converted into sales. It was difficult to make informed decisions, or measure results intelligently. The executive team were looking for a reputable SEO firm to help their teams to increase the quality and quantity of leads coming through online channels.

From the onset, NP Digital proposed and developed a keyword focused optimisation programme which was deployed on both the website and other paid media platforms. Work was scoped according to timelines and pre-determined targets in consultation with the various business units. All objectives and tactics were clearly communicated via a dedicated Client Service team and reports scheduled and sent at regular intervals.

The service level agreement called for quick response times, and key client personnel were up-skilled to co-ordinate activities and interpret data-driven performance reports for executives.

Keywords started moving up immediately and were in the top 10 rankings within 3 months. The re-organised pay-per-click campaigns put the brand in the number 1 position on Google, resulting in a noticeable surge in traffic and steady increase in the number of leads. The client has reported a sharp increase in conversions and increased customer acquisition.

Based on these impressive results, the client continued to retain NP Digital beyond its initial scope of work to drive on and off-site optimisation, build and align content marketing strategies as well as manage its paid and social media advertising efforts. The partnership is now in it’s fourth year and continues to grow from strength to strength.

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